“Cyber security is a strategic factor in digital transformation” | Forum bwd

It is up to managers to take the risk and define resilient strategies that are able to go beyond mere compliance with legal or regulatory requirements and obligations.

Sharing successful cases in the implementation of digital transformation projects and addressing the relevant legal issues in the current context of technological evolution was one of the objectives of the second edition of Forum bwd, dedicated to cyber security.

The Forum was held in Porto with the support of COTEC Portugal. The closing session counted on the contribution of Jorge Portugal, Director-General of COTEC, who left a warning: “All companies in our country will at some point in their activity be the target by some type of computer attack”. He warned: “The question is not if, but when the company will be subject to a threat to their data and information”.

Jorge Portugal recalled that security has become a highly profitable market, not only for those who develop defence solutions, but also for those who promote malicious attacks, with an increasing diversity of resources at their disposal.

Studies show a direct relationship between the levels of connectivity in economies and their ability to create wealth, demonstrating the inevitability of digitalization of businesses.

It is up to managers to take the risk and define resilient strategies capable of going beyond what is necessary to enforce legal or regulatory requirements and obligations, said Jorge Portugal in his presentation.

The Forum bwd brought together about a hundred decision makers in the business area, representing different sectors of activity. Cyber security, which became one of the two main themes highlighted there, is also one of the main topics for reflection by COTEC, which has promoted awareness-raising actions and shared good practices around the theme, through initiatives such as the Cyber Resilience ​​Laboratory, launched in 2017. Bwd – Digital Transformation helps companies to have information management systems with the same level of performance as the best systems worldwide. These systems provide cost reduction, increase the productivity of employees and speed up the time to launch products and services on the market, enabling them to achieve business excellence.